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Develop your prints (outside the classroom)

**Note –  We are currently moving the location of our darkroom to Captured Studios. If you are interested in the dark room, send us your contact information and we’ll let you know when it’s setup.

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Bring your black & white photography to life

We have darkroom equipment for all of your film processing and development needs. incuba8LABS is open weekdays from 6pm to 10pm. Techniques taught on Tuesdays.

  • Photography
  • Developing
  • Processing

Our LABtech | Meet Katryn


Katryn has an Interdisciplinary degree in Engr / Math / Phys, a degree in Studio Art, as well as a minor in Architecture from Calvin College. She assisted in the darkroom at Calvin for quite some time and is skilled in the processing and development of black and white film.

Katryn digs mid-century architecture and has a keen photographic eye. She’s happy to teach the ways of the darkroom to any level photographer. Want an intro to the darkroom? Learn about photograms from Katryn!

Our Equipment

Get access to

  • Enlarger
  • Chemicals
  • Analog Timers
  • Cute drying lines

LAB Uses

We’re here to show you the ropes.

We can mix the chemicals in advance, or you can mix your own batch. If you’re a bit of a newb, we can help you make photograms so you learn the development process. If there’s enough interest, we may offer reusable film cartridges with custom exposures!

  • Learn how to Layer Exposures
  • Learn Photography Techniques
  • Share your Techniques
  • Collaborate on a Project
  • Learn Photography Tech.

  • Enlarge Film Prints
  • Learn Lomo Effects
  • Develop B&W Film
  • Make a Photogram
  • Borrow a Camera


The Darkroom

Q. What is a photogram?
A. It’s basically an image made without a camera by placing objects on photography paper and exposing it to light. It then goes through a chemical process like normal photographs.

Q. Can I mix my own chemicals?
A. If you have done it once with Katryn and she gives you the go ahead, then by all means!

Q. How can I borrow a camera?
A. Work with Katryn, Erica or Caryn to pick out a camera, and we’ll document which model and lens you use.


Q. If there are activities scheduled on a particular night, can I still work on my own projects?
A. Absolutely! As a member, you are always welcome to bring in your own projects and get others feedback when we are open.

Q. What are the hours for the LABS?
A. We are currently open to the public from 6 pm to 10 pm during weeknights.

Q. How much is membership to the LABS?
A. A monthly membership is $50 and the drop in rate is $10 for one evening.