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Get exposed to one of the largest exposure units in the area!

Learn the way of the squeegee

Apprentice our Resident Screenprinter to learn the art of printmaking. Bring in your group or organization to and make their own t-shirts. We also offer classes or you can pursue your own project. Our Resident Screenprinter is available to help and hosts special events.

I’m interested

Our LABtech | Meet Josiah


Josiah has only recently found a passion for the art of the screen-print, but is quickly becoming an expert in the field.

Josiah is geeked to learn everything there is to know and wants take our members along for the ride. He built his gargantuan exposure unit and would love to show you just how it works in our dark room. Stop by and ask him about it!

Our Equipment

Get access to

  • Huge Exposure Unit
  • Variety of Aluminum Frame Screens
  • Darkroom / Washout Booth
  • Print Station
  • Flash Dryer




LAB Uses

We’re here to show you the ropes.

What project would you like to do?

  • Reserve the Print Equipment
  • Learn new Print Techniques
  • Learn to Print on Your Own
  • Print a T-Shirt Graphic
  • Print in Multiple Colors
  • Print in Full Color
  • Make a Custom Image
  • Print a Poster


Screen Printing

Q. What is the process of turning an image into a screen print?
A. You should ask Josiah! We’ve got all the equipment to do it.

Q. Can I watch Josiah work his magic?
A. Sure! He’s usually here at least one evening per week.

Q. Can I shadow Josiah?
A. Yep – learn from the master and eventually you can print on your own!


Q. If there are activities scheduled on a particular night, can I still work on my own projects?
A. Absolutely! As a member, you are always welcome to bring in your own projects and get others feedback when we are open.

Q. What are the hours for the LABS?
A. We are currently open to the public from 6 pm to 10 pm during weeknights.

Q. How much is membership to the LABS?
A. A monthly membership is $50 and the drop in rate is $10 for one evening.