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Startup Marathon


Now accepting applications for a ten week countdown to launch your idea

The incuba8LABS Start-Up Marathon is a residency program in Midland, Michigan. Accepted ideas can include inventions, products, services, start-ups, events or programs. Teams get access to mentors and a guide to help them accomplish weekly milestones, with the end-goal of launching their idea.

START DATE: Upon Acceptance
PROGRAM: Ten Weeks

How It Works

The Perks

• Be a part of Midland’s growing innovation scene
• Work with mentors and niche experts
• Utilize our channels of promotion
• Access our in-depth resource library
• 24/7 access to our downtown Midland incubator

The Process

• Get one-on-one coaching to develop your best work
• Attend brainstorm, check-in, and feedback sessions
• Develop your concept, prototypes, and promotional materials
• Get feedback from experts and future clients
• Showcase and promote your work at our demo day

What We Ask Of You

• Willingness to work alongside other teams
• Dedication to your idea daily for 10 weeks
• Attend required meetings and workshops
• Complete goals for weekly milestones
• Ability to accept feedback, guidance and coaching

Your Takeaways

• Optimize your next steps and time management
• Learn the iterative process of launching an idea
• Package your product (or yourself!)
• Gain exposure through press, promotion and PR
• Make it official – we’ll help you register your business



Q. What does being a member of the cohort mean? What does that involve?
A. We ask that you be an active member by providing feedback to others and being open to accepting that feedback on your concept throughout the duration of our ten week program. Our space is built on the culture that we respect one another and their ideas and do what we can to make each other be successful.

Q. What does 24 hour access mean?
A. We give your team a set of keys and you can use those keys to enter the building at any time to work on your idea. There are a few stipulations, but we’re pretty sure you can handle turning off the lights and locking the doors when you leave!

Q. Who are our guides and what will the guides be able to offer?
A. Your guides will be Katryn and Erica. Both have an MBA from Northwood University and have been engulfed in the start-up process. They will utilize a curriculum to launch your business as well as arrange meetings with mentors for you to meet some of the topic specific needs.


Q. How do I become a sponsor?
A. Interested in the economic growth of the Great Lakes Bay Region? Our program directly gets local ideas, events and businesses off the ground.

Q. What kind of sponsors are you seeking?
A. We are seeking scholarship sponsors, a print sponsor and and event sponsor for our showcase at the end of the program.

Q. As a sponsor, what kind of exposure will we get?
A. We’ll add your logo to the program page on our website and announce your sponsorship at our Summer Showcase in August.

Q. How do I sponsor the Start-up Marathon?
A. Send us an email to admin[at]incuba8[dot]com and we’ll get the proper paperwork sent your way.