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Calling all entrepreneurs, business professionals, remote workers, and travelers

We have a desk waiting for you!

Experience a fun, high-energy work environment with the convenience of coworking in midtown Midland, MI. Our space was developed to encourage a culture of collaboration, vision and growth. Co-workers get 24/7 access to our easily configurable work space. Our collaborative workspace is perfect for entrepreneurs, organizations, and travelers who want to work remotely.

* Projector, white boards, markers, and printer available
* Mini-kitchen with fridge and microwave
* Wi-Fi
* 10% discount to Live Oak Coffee house
* Free weekly event access to swing dancing & ideation
* Discounted rates on event space rentals and consulting


About incuba8 LABS

Incuba8LABS is an idea development space and community that provides access to resources, tools and expertise. Our community’s sharing of resources and knowledge allows more people to launch with less overhead and accelerates learning curves.

What if there are multiple people on my team?

For each colleague using the labs to cowork there is a $50 fee.

What does 24 hour access mean?

We give your team a set of keys and you can use those keys to enter the building at any time to work on your idea. There are a few stipulations, but we’re pretty sure you can handle turning off the lights and locking the doors when you leave!