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Our Community

Ideas Start Here

Incuba8LABS is an idea development space that provides access to physical equipment, experts, and materials to turn ideas into reality. This sharing of resources and knowledge allow more people to launch with less overhead and accelerates learning curves.


  • Establish a space where creativity can flourish
  • Cultivate entrepreneurial mindsets & further economic development through a fun culture of action
  • Combine diverse & like-minded people that share a common passion for technology, art, & culture
  • Encourage mutual learning & giving through an unconventional format & alliances
  • Share knowledge, information, & our crafts with other members & our community
  • Build maintain & grow community resources & space suitable for technical, art, & social collaboration
  • Collaborate on all forms of technology, art, & culture in new and interesting ways
  • Share freely the space’s research and discoveries, using what is learned to teach others
  • Recruit and develop talented members dedicated to these purposes

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